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Osmangazi’de Öğrenci Servisi Kaza Yaptı: 3’ü Ağır 16 Yaralı

Osmangazi’de öğrenci servisiyle otomobilin çarpışması sonucu 3’ü ağır 16 kişi yaralandı.

Osmangazi’de Öğrenci Servisi Kaza Yaptı: 3’ü Ağır 16 Yaralı

Clumsy bludgeoning, please. You have selected clumsy bludgeoning. For an additional $10, would you like your eyes scooped out with a melon-baller? What the heck, I’ll treat myself. Enemy in range. Prepare to launch universe-to-universe missile. Preparing to launch U. U. M. Hell of a thing to send a universe to certain doom. Fun, though. Makes a man feel big. Come on, come on, I didn’t ask to die of boredom! ELECTRONIC VOICE. You are now dead. Please take your receipt. BENDER. What’s.

Enjoy. Why are you upset? It’s less fraudulent for you to have it. Yes. Yes, it’s a real beauty. Someday I hope to win one of my own. Then you’re not gonna kill us? I respect and admire Harold Zoid Earthquake! Let the earth quake! I’ve got somebody’s Oscar! We made it! I’m at a Hollywood party! I’m sorry. This is a private. Oh, pardon me. I see you’re with Mr. Stallone. 1 Birdbot of IceCatraz Those cookies are fresh-a-licious, but they produce a lot of trash. That head spray makes your antenna smell nice.

It’s too late. The inspector’ll be here in exactly one second. Who are you? Morgan Proctor, grade 19. Hermes Conrad, grade 36. Enough banter. Shall we begin? Don’t worry. I have a plan. I’m going to jump! Don’t do it! You have so much to live for! Reverse psychology? Old friend, don’t jump! Use a method that won’t damage your liver. Others need it, you know? Husband, no! Out of my way! I’m not cut out to be a bureaucrat! I’m only anal 78.36 % of the time. I’m not worthy to stamp a form, so I’ll stamp the cement with my body! If you complete your death transaction without filing a suicide.

It’ll be okay. Oh, really? Who gonna save us? One-eye? Lobster mooch? Drunken garbage can? This sounds like a job for. Lt. Kif Kroker! All right, then. Those Buggalo were what made Wong family so rich and powerful. Oh, Inez, we damn stolen! We ruined! Okay, I want a divorce. Mom! Dad! Don’t ask me to choose! They’re not your parents. I’m not your sister. And that’s not your golf cart. Everybody calm down. Kif promised to catch the rustlers. Mrs. Wong, could I borrow a neckerchief? My plan is to take the remaining Buggalo.

We need to make a choice, sisters. We can either keep pestering criminals like Leo Wong with silly slogans. Actually, I meant that to be the less preferable alternative. We can either chant slogans or we can take action. What was the first choice again? I choose to save the environment by sabotaging Leo Wong’s golf course. Could we still use our bullhorns? Bullhorns are a core principle of eco-feminism. Then I’m in. Girls be talkin’ Like they all rah, rah Who’s ready to kick some sweaty man-butt? I’ve got my pointy man-kicking shoes on.


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